All information and resources at this website have been presented as part of my personal story and does not replace professional psychological care for mental health issues. The only legal and ethical advice I can offer is to seek professional help. 

If you have had or are having suicidal thoughts, please call: 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


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What Educators and Therapists are Saying!

January 16, 2019

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August 15, 2019

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I am Dr. Janyne McConnaughey, retired educator, wife, mother and grandmother. I have a story. My story is one I repressed until two years ago when I chose to sit on a therapist's couch. Now healed, I am on a mission!


My mission is to clearly articulate both positive and negative effects of early nurturing and experiences on lifelong behavior and thinking patterns while promoting effective educational, spiritual, and therapeutic methods for the healing of inadequate attachment and childhood traumas.

I love California beaches, and the City of Seattle, but live in a 5th wheel with my husband, Scott, at the foot of Pikes Peak. 

I have served in churches and church-related ministries in two denominations that believed very differently about the roles of women in ministry. I have friends who support ordaining women and those who do not. In the light of a recent interview of a prominent church leader, I am going to do my best to make this point: I respect your right to have differing views on ordaining women, but differing views are not the root cause of the recent disparaging comments about one woman. Agreement is not a prerequisite for respect.

What if we could simply say, “I don’t agree with everything in this, but I do agree . . .” It is OK to agree and disagree at the same time. We need to rekindle the art of seeing both sides. Black and white thinking is polarizing us and anyone who tries to draw the two sides together at the fence gets rocks lobbed over them (or at them). We can agree to something without agreeing to everything.

When we say that school administrators, lead pastors, or management seem to have forgotten what it was like to be ‘the little guy,’ we are really saying that the power they have gained has changed their brain and they truly aren’t seeing any other perspective but their own.But! It doesn’t seem to actually change the brain structure, just how it is performing (what areas of the brain are active vs. dormant).

All the while, the children were watching. They still had the capacity to develop two eyes, but they needed to understand what it would feel like. It seemed as if what was happening between the adults didn’t matter to them as they skipped and ran around those who had linked arms and listened to the words in the air; but it did matter. If not forbidden from seeing two things at the same time, they still had the capacity to have two eyes and change the kingdom.

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