All information and resources at this website have been presented as part of my personal story and does not replace professional psychological care for mental health issues. The only legal and ethical advice I can offer is to seek professional help. 

If you have had or are having suicidal thoughts, please call: 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


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What Educators and Therapists are Saying!

January 16, 2019

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August 15, 2019

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I am Dr. Janyne McConnaughey, retired educator, wife, mother and grandmother. I have a story. My story is one I repressed until two years ago when I chose to sit on a therapist's couch. Now healed, I am on a mission!


My mission is to clearly articulate both positive and negative effects of early nurturing and experiences on lifelong behavior and thinking patterns while promoting effective educational, spiritual, and therapeutic methods for the healing of inadequate attachment and childhood traumas.

I love California beaches, and the City of Seattle, but live in a 5th wheel with my husband, Scott, at the foot of Pikes Peak. 

I was prepared to share my insights with the students; but what I received from them exceeded my expectations. I received a profound hope for the future—a future in which communities and churches care deeply about—and understand-- those who are affected by traumatic childhood experiences. Most importantly, a future in which we believe trauma-informed care can help them heal.

(I have been blessed by so many who have written to me and shared their healing paths which included both reading BRAVE: A Personal Story of Healing Childhood Trauma. and accessing trauma-informed therapy. Michelle's healing, which she describes in this guest blog, is evidence that deep healing is possible. Thank you for sharing the hope with others! You are BRAVE!)

This book defines me as a writer. It is an interweaving narrative that almost defies description. One of my endorsers for Jeannie's BRAVE Childhood stated, "From cover to cover, this book is a masterpiece. Cohesive and expertly crafted." (Susan Jenkins) The day I sent it to my publisher (Cladach Publishing) I felt this was true, but it feels great for someone besides my self to tell me that. All those who have previewed are excited for the launch so I thought my blog readers might like a glimpse!

Sometimes I like to surprise my readers by a side of me most haven't seen. Poetry would fall into that category. I wrote quite a few poems during my journey to healing. Some were originally in BRAVE but happened to be in sections I removed for a future book. I am gathering them from the buried files in my computer and thought I would share this one. I truly do love words--especially now.

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BRAVE Healing Childhood Trauma

Janyne McConnaughey continues writing her way into our hearts with her new book, Jeannie’s Brave Childhood, a fantastical weaving of story, instruction and resilience.

Lon Marshal, Marriage and Family Therapist

Janyne A. McConnaughey, Ph.D.