Early Childhood Trauma



"When I was three years old, while in a day care situation, I was sexually abused on two occasions. This would have occurred around 1956 and there was no such thing as mandated reporting. It was assumed that I would ‘forget’ the memory. If this abuse had become public, the cultural attitudes of the day would have devastated my family, the church, my father’s ministry, and me. There would have been no form of psychological help. The choice to hide this awful secret was not an incorrect choice. My parent’s decision to hide this awful secret was not an incorrect choice from a family and cultural standpoint, but there was a lifetime of consequences for me.

It is possible for children to survive trauma in healthy ways. Not all children split as I did. There are many factors involved, but emotional support is the key. I needed to know the abuse was not my fault. I was not bad; bad things were done to me. I needed my parents to talk to me, help me to understand, and hold me when I cried. Psychological help would have been beneficial but it probably would not have been accessed, even if available." 

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We can help children who have experienced trauma during early childhood. Research on this topic is conclusive. Without intervention these children will reap lifelong repercussions. I don't need research to tell me this because I have lived my life with the results of trauma. Please access the information below. Be informed. Understand how crucial it is to both prevent abuse and help children heal from trauma. 

(Go to Dissociation for information specific to complex trauma in Early Childhood.)

The National Center for Victims of crime has an excellent summary of the statistics concerning CSA (Childhood Sexual Abuse).  Awareness is the first step in prevention. I suggest reading the information about Do's and Don'ts in Reporting, Statistics, Grooming, and Effects listed to the left-hand menu.

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Janyne McConnaughey, Ph.D.

BRAVE Healing Childhood Trauma

"How I wish everyone could have access to this profound book as its message of healing and recovery are urgently needed in our world.”    -Susan Jenkins, Author

All information and resources at this website have been presented as part of my personal story and does not replace professional psychological care for mental health issues. The only legal and ethical advice I can offer is to seek professional help. 

If you have had or are having suicidal thoughts, please call: 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


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