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Healing Trauma is Possible!

"This is the child inside me who distrusted almost everything and everyone. She had good reasons for her distrust! She knew she needed help, but she didn't know who to trust and going to sit on a therapist's couch did not feel safe."   -Janyne

There are many types of traumatic events, and not all happen during childhood. What is similar is how our bodies respond. Trauma is more about how we cope or become overwhelmed. This is why childhood trauma is so difficult--it happens before we learn ways to cope. It also usually involves someone we trusted. This makes it harder to heal--but it is still possible! 


Going to an office and talking to a therapist seemed unlikely to stop the turmoil inside of me. It had been there as long as I could remember. But I was wrong. My turmoil was caused by trauma and that can heal! Therapy helped me so much, I wanted to tell everyone to, "Take it to the Couch!" 

BRAVE Spaces is here to to help you choose to heal. There will always be fear because it is hard to trust anyone. I understand, but therapy was the best choice I ever made.


Therapy is not about changing what happened; it is about changing how you feel about it. While healing will not make what happened vanish, it will stop the painful memories from controlling your life.


Your first step is to find a therapist--a trauma-informed therapist.  See Finding a Therapist . . . 

The sooner you get help after a traumatic event, the better. In trying to survive, we add more layers onto and this makes healing more difficult and painful. For many of us, our childhood behaviors were the way we were asking for help, but few understood this. If a child's behavior is difficult (as mine was) there is help! See Child Therapy . . . 


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