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  • Janyne McConnaughey, PhD


The Beginning . . .

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth . . .

We all know the story don’t we? Our world began that day. In reality, everything around us began the day that God decided that he was going to create our world—it began with a thought.

If you look around you, everything you see began with either a “God Thought” or a “Human Thought.” Everything. The computer on which you are reading this began with a thought, the website you are looking at began with a thought—mine.

I can tell you the exact date that I thought, “Yes, I am going to start blogging.” It was June 17, 2013, the day after my birthday. Several of you who are reading this told me to do this but the thought had actually crossed my mind before—yet that was the day that thought became action—kind of.

Anyone who knows me knows that when I get an idea (a thought), I generally move ahead with lightning speed. Zoom! Does anyone see “zoom” in the space between my “idea” of blogging and this first blog? NONE. (LOL, it just occurred to me that it has been 9 months—call me Sarah, it took me till I turned 60 and then 9 more months to birth a website/blog!)

I could blame this lack of “zoom” on many things, but I believe the blame goes to God. We blame God for lots of things for which He is not responsible, but in this case, I have no doubt. Why? Because I had not finished the part of my journey that I needed to complete in order to understand my purpose for this dream. What I understand today is light years beyond “The Day the Millet Fell” (watch for that blog post).

On that decisive day, I knew I loved to write and because of my “Why 60 is Better than 50” Facebook series, I knew that others would enjoy reading what I wrote. At that point, I also knew I could be random, fun, insightful, scholarly, and/or interesting; but it took me months to reflect and understand the purpose/mission that would be my focus and passion. Without focus, some of you would drop by, but not follow. Without passion, the adventure would soon come to a dismal end. I needed both.

My story is one of reaching seemingly impossible goals. The one that interests most is the loss of over 100 pounds (I posted a before and after picture—necessary, but painful). I will be sharing more about that journey along the way, but what I learned is the most important part. Impossible dreams come true for those who think that they can. Convincing others of the truth of that statement has become my passion! If you think you can, you can. God will enable those who think they can, but until [‘t] comes off can, it truly is an impossible dream.

My mission is to inspire and equip the dreamers who long to break free from “I Can’t Thinking” and pursue the desires and passions that will change their future. As children, parents, students, teachers, leaders, and followers of Jesus, when we say, “I can,” it changes everything.

I have plans to help you reach your dreams! Everyone has a dream that may seem impossible. My next dream is to climb the Manitou Incline. (More to come on that!) What is your dream? We can do this!

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