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  • Janyne McConnaughey, PhD

What Educators and Therapists are Saying!

This companion book to BRAVE: A Personal Story of Healing Childhood Trauma is my tribute to all children who have suffered childhood trauma and get up and do the best they can to live.

During my healing journey, my dissociated child selves, frozen in time by trauma, provided a window into the mind of a child who has suffered attachment wounds and sexual abuse. My background in early childhood and teacher education allowed me to deeply understand my story from a developmental perspective. My continual pursuit of learning in the field of psychology was a bonus!

Of most profound importance was the discovery of a Storyteller deep inside of me who had lost her voice. Now found, I am delighted that this part of me is being recognized by reviewers. This is a sampling of what they have to say--from the perspective of educators and therapists. I could tell you why these two books are important, but I will leave it to the endorsers! (Click here for publishers full list of endorsements!)

“Janyne has a gift for taking us into her rabbit hole and helping us understand the challenges of healing from trauma. I strongly recommend this book to educators who wish to understand their students who may be dissociating in their class. Thanks to Janyne’s transparent telling of her own story, the complex concept of dissociation can be understood without needing a psychology degree.”

MELISSA SADIN, Exec. Director of Ducks & Lions, Program Director of ATN Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools, Author of Teachers Guide to Trauma

“Janyne McConnaughey opens a window into the thought processes of a child in trauma. I am now more knowledgeable and better equipped to teach my students. Thank you, Janyne, for sharing your story and for allowing ‘the children’ to share their stories too.”

ROSIE LOLESS, Elementary School Teacher

My deepest thanks to Janyne and her masterful storyteller! The magic of this second book is that it ties the familiar complexities of Alice (the girl in Wonderland) to the far less familiar complexities of the ways a child learns to cope during the layered traumas that lead to the disorder of dissociation. It’s a story of healing, but perhaps more importantly, a story of hope. For those who wonder if healing is possible, for the guides & supporters who walk along side, for those who struggle to find a voice for themselves and their many parts, this story explains the fright & power of leaning into reconnection from a fanciful, yet truly grounded perspective. Captivating, thrilling, and empowering.

KIERSTEN ADKINS, M.A., LPC, Executive Director of Pathway To Hope

“I was riveted. Janyne generously and openly brings the reader into her process of healing from her own childhood trauma, writing from the perspective of her childhood parts who had to cope at the time, as well as from the perspective of the wise adult Janyne who loves these children as they should have been loved then. If you want a real-time glimpse into the minds and hearts of children who are living their truths of coping with maternal neglect, read this book. If you want a deeper understanding of childhood trauma and healing, read this book.”

LIZ HUNTER, Marriage and Family Therapist

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