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"My mission statement is an outgrowth of what I have believed my entire life, but the passion was born in the huge piles of Kleenex and pain I left in my therapist’s office. My mission is to proclaim that it is possible for children and adults to make sense—to themselves and to others. This is the intent for my forthcoming book, which will detail my story and the therapy process of healing and integration. My sharing will be for the purpose of establishing that it is possible to both prevent and heal from issues related to inadequate attachment and severe trauma.

It is possible for children to survive trauma in healthy ways. Not all children split as I did. There are many factors involved, but emotional support is the key. I needed to know the abuse was not my fault. I was not bad; bad things were done to me. I needed my parents to talk to me, help me to understand, and hold me when I cried. Psychological help would have been beneficial but it probably would not have been accessed, even if available. There were times when I tried to tell what was happening to me, but I eventually became silent. Sadly, children often exhibit behaviors indicative of abuse, but never receive help because it would reveal carefully hidden family secrets. Later in life and in the church, accessing psychological care was not, shall we say, encouraged (there is much left unsaid here). I survived without it, but I could have thrived with it." Breaking Free to Mission ~ Janyne

Yes, I survived, but at such a cost. The picture above is from my freshman year in college. I was the following statistic: "Children who had an experience of rape or attempted rape in their adolescent years were 13.7 times more likely to experience rape or attempted rape in their first year of college" (page 9). It is rare for sexual abuse to only occur one time. "Those with a prior history of sexual victimization are extremely likely to be re-victimized. Some research estimates an increased risk of over 1000% (Understanding and Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect). If this occurs to 1 in 5 girls (some say 1 in 4) then there are a bunch of us needing therapy. Yet, we hide in fear of anyone knowing what was done to us.


We can help children who have experienced trauma during early childhood. Research on this topic is conclusive. Without intervention these children will reap lifelong repercussions. I don't need research to tell me this because I have lived my entire life with the results of trauma. Going to therapy was the best choice I ever made!

I will be blogging about various resources and adding those links. I feel most require some conversation around the topic. For now, one carefully chosen resource will do!


A crucial part of my healing was EMDR therapy. (see Learn).  This is a recognized, research-based therapy, but I have sensed skepticism from some. Coupled with the Christian tendency to avoid therapy all together, many will miss the healing benefits! While my own EMDR therapy did not include the spiritual aspect discussed in the following blog post, I have talked with some who did experience this. My point is to help those who might be skeptical to avoid rejection of a healing therapy on the basis of fear that it does not align with their faith.


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Janyne McConnaughey, Ph.D.

BRAVE Healing Childhood Trauma

"How I wish everyone could have access to this profound book as its message of healing and recovery are urgently needed in our world.”    -Susan Jenkins, Author

All information and resources at this website have been presented as part of my personal story and does not replace professional psychological care for mental health issues. The only legal and ethical advice I can offer is to seek professional help. 

If you have had or are having suicidal thoughts, please call: 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


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