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Trauma in the Pews Book Study

Next Book Study Begins in October of 2023 !

Coming in October!

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TRAUMA IN THE PEWS is a practical and compassionate roadmap for spiritual leaders to effectively minister to those struggling with the effects of trauma. In spite of the challenges of our increasingly complex world, together we can create safer spaces  for authentic healing and a deeper connection with God.

What You'll Get By Joining the

Trauma in the Pews Book Study!

As a group member, you'll get a few great benefits:

  • Access exclusive content. Trauma in the Pews Book Study is designed to inspire, instruct, and engage.

  • Meet new people. Your fellow group members are as motivated as you are to master what we're exploring here in Trauma in the Pews.

  • Weekly Zoom Conversations with the author and other group members (Tentatively Tuesdays at 4:00 Pacific Time and recordings of the discussion. Alternative time is possible.)

  • Get results. As you dive into the weekly material and meet the community here in Trauma in the Pews, you're on a path to becoming increasingly trauma informed, sensitive, and responsive. While it's not necessarily easy, the transformation matters.

The link to access the book study will be sent to you in the confirmation of payment email: (Note! When you follow the link you will also be given FREE access to Intersections.Community which is hosting the book study.)

Suggested $60.00 Minimum $30.00 (if you would like to support my work by adding to the suggested amount, you can choose this option and set your amount.)


I am grateful for the times I have received a scholarship to attend a course or study group. I am happy to pay this forward. A limited number of scholarships will be available based on group size. These requests will be processed one week before the Book Study begins. The primary audience for this book is those involved in serving in faith communities and these individuals will be given priority. When emailing please introduce yourself and let me know how you are working to better serve those who have been impacted by trauma.

What Endorsers for Trauma in the Pews are Saying . . . 

Trauma in the Pews provides practical guidance to pastors and church leaders on how to break the cycle of perpetuating spiritual trauma and how to experience God and the church as a place of healing. 

- Mark A. Maddix, PhD, Dean, School of Theology & Christian Ministry:

Point Loma Nazarene University

 But this book is not just for those who have suffered or even simply for ministry staff and laity. Trauma in the Pews will benefit anyone who works with survivors of trauma; pastors, teachers, foster parents, social workers, etc. This book is one of the first commentaries I have read regarding what it truly means for a church to be trauma responsive.  

- David Stevens, EdD, Director: M.Ed. in Neuroscience and Trauma, Tabor College

Janyne has given a gift to the faith community. Let those who have ears hear its timely message. 

- Kiersten (Adkins) Moore, MA, LPC, Executive Director: Pathway to Hope

McConnaughey seamlessly weaves spiritual wisdom, neuroscientific acumen, and personal reflections that leave the reader hungry to participate in the trauma-informed transformation of the Body of Christ and the individual bodies of Christ.

-Ryan Kujah, Trauma therapist, spiritual director and

author of From the Inside Out: Reimagining the Mission, Recreating the World

McConaughey guides those who are willing to witness the marriage of faith and science into an expansive understanding of how becoming a trauma informed faith leader or individual can result in revolutionary healing.  

- Rebekah Drumsta, MA, CPLC, Spiritual Abuse Advocate & Consultant,

Author of When Family Hurts: 30 Days to Finding Healing and Clarity

Every ministry leader needs this book. As a trauma survivor, my heart wept with hope for those suffering feelings of spiritual failure for reasons beyond their control. McConnaughey delivers a paradigm shift for real and honest change.

- Danielle Bernock, Founder 4F Media and Victorious Souls Podcast,

Author of Emerging With Wings and Because You Matter

Finally! Trauma in the Pews is a book that helps faithful and spiritual leaders and church communities understand the impact of trauma on development and spirituality. 

- Melissa Sadin, EDD, Author of Teachers Guide to Trauma: 20 Things

Kids with Trauma Wish Their Teachers Knew


This must-read for those in the faith community will provide you essential tools for transforming a retraumatizing environment into one of healing.  

- Becky Haas, International Trauma-Informed Care Author/Speaker/Trainer

In Trauma in the Pews, Dr. McConnaughey not only makes the case for why churches and their leaders should be trauma informed but shows how leaders can truly be trauma responsive. 

- Julie Beem, MBA, Executive Director: Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc.


I highly recommend this book to those who seek to understand how trauma interplays with individual and communal faith tradition practices which will tremendously support building healthy trauma-informed faith communities and practices.

 - Rev. Dr. Sanghoon Yoo, Founder of The Faithful City and

Arizona Trauma Informed Faith Coalition 

Trauma in the Pews is the book that I needed when I was in seminary. The only way God's church will relate to and serve vulnerable people in the coming decades is if we grow corporately in our understanding of trauma, how it affects people, and how to respond to it in compassionate, gentle, Jesus-like ways. Janyne's book will help you and your church do that.

- James Pruch, Director of Programs at Christian Heritage, Former Pastor

In this compassionately prophetic, spiritually therapeutic, and vulnerably powerful text, trauma survivor and lifelong educator Janyne McConnaughey both brilliantly and beautifully lays the groundwork for helping ministries become more trauma informed, trauma sensitive, and trauma responsive. 

- Shane Moe, MA, MDiv, LMFT, Psychotherapist,

Certified EMDR Clinician and Consultant


 Janyne has provided an excellent resource to guide readers on how to view the pain of others through a trauma lens. Through this lens, we will witness the transformation process from trauma to triumph. I applaud Janyne for this much-needed book. I strongly encourage this book to be on the top of your reading list. 

- Melodie Bissell, MDiv, DMin, Victim Advocate


Trauma in the Pews will serve as a healing catalyst for those of us who did experience trauma in the pews while supporting faith-based leaders on how to transform truth into practice moving into the future.

- Mathew Portell, M.Ed, Founder of Trauma Informed Educators Network,

Director of Communities at PACEs Connection

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