Trauma-Informed Church Ministries
How to Be a Healing Church:
Mental Health, Trauma-Informed Ministry,
and Our Wesleyan Theology


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Description: Understanding the effects of childhood trauma is essential in ministering to both churches and communities. This webinar will define the various forms of trauma and provide ways to minister through the lens of neurobiology effectively. Attention will be given to the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and how a Wesleyan perspective of hamartiology can provide paths for healing from all kinds of trauma. Emphasis will be placed on de-stigmatizing mental health and promoting spiritual growth.

The Genesis of Shame
In today's episode, Dr. Janyne and I discuss:
  • what shame is, 

  • her story on the abuse she experienced in the church,

  • how that affected her view of God and the church, and 

  • how God used a gifted counselor to help her in the healing process. 

The Impact of TraumaDuring Stay-at-Home Orders


Key Ministry Webinar Description:

Video: The Impact of Trauma During Stay-At-Home Orders

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Workshop Description: Trauma Informed Church Ministries

Understanding the effects of childhood abuse is essential in ministering to both churches and communities. This session will address the following questions:

  • How do we reconcile the research on the physical and behavioral effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) with a Wesleyan understanding of Hamartiology?

  • How can we encourage spiritual growth without creating additional shame and feelings of worthlessness?

  • How can survival coping mechanisms be distinguished from conscious choices?

  • How can understanding the neurobiology of trauma and trauma-informed care lead to the abundant life Jesus intended for every person?

  • How can the spiritual strength of survivors enrich churches and communities?


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Janyne McConnaughey, Ph.D.

BRAVE Healing Childhood Trauma

"How I wish everyone could have access to this profound book as its message of healing and recovery are urgently needed in our world.”    -Susan Jenkins, Author

All information and resources at this website have been presented as part of my personal story and does not replace professional psychological care for mental health issues. The only legal and ethical advice I can offer is to seek professional help. 

If you have had or are having suicidal thoughts, please call: 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


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