Speaking About Perspectives

Before I began speaking on trauma-informed subjects, I developed a full-day inservice for teachers designed to change perspectives based on the View of the Child. How we view the child (innocence to non-innocence) applies to how we view ourselves and others (and has everything to do with being trauma informed and sensitive). It affects classroom management, leadership styles, and mentoring relationships. It affects to our interactions in all social settings. The last session on behavior has been adapted as a two-hour inservice specifically for preschool staff and teachers (fulfilling the licensing requirements for training in social and emotional development). The topic can be approached from either a theological or philosophical standpoint. Everyone leaves with a different perspective on something that affects his or her life every day--guaranteed.

Perspectives on Teaching

A two-part workshop which introduces the teacher to the historical, philosophical, and theological view of the child and the implications for methodology, classroom management (use of power) in the classroom. Teachers have an opportunity to reflect on their teaching practices and understand the implications of their beliefs about children.

Perspectives on Behavior

This workshop builds on the view of the child by viewing behavior through the lens of needs-based behavior. The implications of early childhood attachment needs and experiences as they affect behavior of all ages is discussed. 

Blue Surface

Janyne McConnaughey, Ph.D.

BRAVE Healing Childhood Trauma

"How I wish everyone could have access to this profound book as its message of healing and recovery are urgently needed in our world.”    -Susan Jenkins, Author

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