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About Janyne

(Pronounce as Janine)

Janyne McConnaughey, Ph.D., award winning author and trauma-informed advocate, lived with the effects of childhood sexual abuse from the time she was three years old until she entered therapy and began her healing journey at the age of sixty-one. Realizing healing was possible for survivors, she first authored three memoirs describing the effects of childhood trauma and the paths to healing. Her most recent publication is Trauma in the Pews: The Impact of Trauma on Faith and Spiritual Practices. Janyne’s passion is encouraging other survivors of childhood trauma to seek healing. She is currently a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Tabor College (Masters in Education: Neuroscience & Trauma) and has served for four years as Board Member for the Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN), two as Board President. Janyne builds on her forty-year career in teaching, teacher education, and an expertise in early childhood development to help educators, caregivers, and church ministry workers understand and apply trauma-informed practices. Janyne, her husband Scott, and rescue dog Weber live south of Seattle and enjoy spending time with children and grandchildren.  Learn more . . .


Dr. Janyne McConnaughey, PH.D.

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