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A Personal Story of Healing Childhood Trauma

Janyne wasn’t exactly sure why she had gone to therapy, but she did sense her wonderful life was a cover for deep inner pain that she called “the dark cloud.” During her first EMDR therapy session, three fractured adult parts made a perfect three-point landing in her conscious awareness. Thus began three years of intensive therapy as she fought to heal from sexual abuse that began in a home daycare at the age of three. With a sometimes-conflicted faith in God, and with the support of her therapist, and of her husband, Janyne fought to heal and integrate.


This is Janyne’s story and also a tribute to a therapist and client who worked as a team to heal attachment wounds and increasingly tragic memories. Insights into the early wiring of unmet attachment needs as well as dissociative coping mechanisms are integral to this memoir of healing. Both pain and hope are present on every page. Janyne is both vulnerable and triumphant in her writing and will help every reader believe healing from childhood trauma is possible.

What BRAVE Readers Say . . . 

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"This book is going to help so many people. For those who have suffered from childhood trauma, it give real hope for a “normal” life . . . For anyone dealing with emotional struggles, it goes beyond hope! Dr. McConnaughey opens herself up in an honest account of her healing journey and offers hope and help for all who hurt!" (Diane H., Amazon Reviewer)

"I’ve been in a hard place for a while trying to work through therapy. This helped as it was someone I can relate to and to be able to read the story and know there is hope to recover from all the trauma even though it maybe a long road is keeping me going to continue to work through everything . . . Thank you for sharing your story in a way that others can not be triggered by details but can still relate to it. Highly recommended." (Crystal, Amazon Reviewer)

"BRAVE is honest. BRAVE is real. BRAVE is vulnerable and resilient. BRAVE is BRAVE! Giving a voice to those voices that have been forever told to remain silent, Janyne dives deep into the conversations many are too uncomfortable to even think . . . Wonderfully written, giving hope to anyone that has personally gone through trauma of their own, or shedding a whole new light for the family/friends of those that have gone through it . . ." (Angie M., Amazon Reviewer)

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