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Trauma in the Pews:

Impact on Faith and Spiritual Practices



Another Book!

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Praise for Trauma in the Pews . . . (Click here to see additional praise)

McConnaughey seamlessly weaves spiritual wisdom, neuroscientific acumen, and personal reflections that leave the reader hungry to participate in the trauma-informed transformation of the Body of Christ and the individual bodies of Christ.

-Ryan Kujah, Trauma therapist, spiritual director and author

of From the Inside Out: Reimagining the Mission, Recreating the World


Praise for the BRAVE Series . . . 


"A masterful journey into a human psyche deeply affected by the dragon of trauma . . . This is candid and gifted storytelling and fascinating integration of the latest findings in trauma research, attachment theory, self-compassion and forgiveness….”

–Mark G. Karris, author of Season of Heartbreak: Healing for the Heart, Brain, and Soul

Jeannie's BRAVE Childhood

“I was riveted . . .  If you want a real-time glimpse into the minds and hearts of children who are coping with maternal neglect, read this book. If you want a deeper understanding of childhood trauma and healing, read this book.”                           –Liz Hunter, Marriage and Family Therapist



"Janyne McConnaughey is to be commended for coming out of the darkness to shine a light on issues that usually remain hidden; issues that wreak chaos and damage to individuals who carry childhood pain long into adulthood. How I wish everyone could have access to this profound book as its message of healing and recovery are urgently needed in our world.”

–Susan Jenkins, educator and author (Scandalon)


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