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How to Become Trauma Informed . . . 


What does "becoming trauma-informed" mean and why is it important? 

Being trauma-informed helps us understand how human beings function during and after experiencing an event or series of events that shake them to the core and cause them to fear for their very lives. This is very age-dependent and most damaging to children who live with lifelong repercussions. It is especially important to understand trauma-informed strategies in working with both children and adults who have experienced trauma. 

Being trauma-informed helps us understand behavior--our own and that of others. Suggestions for becoming a Trauma-Informed Human can be found here, and resources specifically for ministries, schools, and parenting (adoption and foster care specifically) can be found in the dropdown menu under this header.

Trauma-Informed Books

A great resource: Go to the Bookshop for the Attachment & Trauma Network!

Trauma-Informed Organizations

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