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Trauma-Informed Survivors

When I began therapy, I knew very little about the ways trauma had affected me. Or that others had experienced the same thing and felt the same way! 


How do we learn about something that terrifies us?  Even when books are suggested we can't read because reading about trauma triggers us. We say things like  . . .

"I don't like reading."

"When I read, it makes things worse."

"I don't understand what the books are saying."

"I fall asleep when I try to read."

Girl Reading on Bed

I felt all of this! Our subconscious will do everything it can to keep us from thinking about what happened to us. That is how we survived, but understanding trauma helps us heal. We can know that there is nothing wrong with us, bad things happened to us--and our body's coping strategies are both how we survived and what is causing us pain. See Trauma-Informed Guide  . . .

Our stories and how we protect ourselves often stands in the way of learning. This is why I do my best to weave information and storytelling together while throwing in some humor and whimsy to make things less intense. Reading can be difficult, but it is important for healing.


Know that you are not alone! This BRAVE reader's Amazon review says it best!


"This was a book that I could not put down until I was finished. It spoke to me so deeply that, at times, I felt Janyne McConnaughey was telling my own story. The author of “Brave” is not only brave. She’s honest, compassionate, and incredibly generous to recount her childhood trauma and the journey she undertook to be freed from it. Despite a childhood haunted by abuse and pain, this story ends in hope. As a survivor of childhood trauma, I can attest to the need to protect ourselves through disassociation from what we, as small children, could not understand or explain. It takes courage to face and overcome our living nightmares and Janyne has not only done that, she’s also provided a road map of the escape routes to freedom. I rejoice for her healing and for my own that is still unfolding".    -Jen       See Amazon Reviews . . . 

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