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Jeannie's BRAVE Childhood:

Behavior Healing through the Lens of Attachment & Trauma

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Janyne McConnaughey’s resourceful and resilient child self, Jeannie takes center stage in this narrative adventure. The author interweaves her own story and her expertise in early-childhood education with characters from her beloved children’s books, to creatively describe how Jeannie re-framed the false messages she had internalized as a child, becoming able to trust, integrate, and experience wholeness. The reader will gain insights that provide:

  • a lens for viewing the behaviors of children suffering from attachment wounding and trauma

  • practical paths to healing, behavior change, forgiveness and growing faith.

  • the rediscovery of simple joys for both children and adults.

Audio Recording of the Story of the Boxes . . .

Pictures from the Book

(The password? Who drags the chair from chapter to chapter?)

What BRAVE Childhood Readers Say . . . 

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"I loved reading this book. It really spoke to how the child's brain processes trauma and the hope of working through it no matter what age you are. I am thankful for this author's honesty and inclusion of her conversation with God as I questioned how she could trust God throughout this process. Wonderful book. I have recommended it to friends and family." (Emily H., Amazon Reviewer)


"This book is a gift to those struggling to pick up the pieces of a childhood shattered by traumatic experiences. Dr. McConnaughey's words are a gentle, safe haven for those seeking and longing to feel whole. Through the art of story, Dr. McConnaughey gives voice to the silenced child in each of us ~ that child wishing to be seen and heard. Her words speak to the heart and soul of the hidden, hurting child in each of us." (Stephanie, Amazon Reviewer)

"What a great read! The example of how to heal well and to trust again are authentic! For those beginning their healing process or continuing their journey this book will surely give you tools and encouragement to keep taking steps forward." (Mary D., Amazon Reviewer)

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