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Dear Survivor . . . 

Most survivors of childhood trauma walk in to therapy wondering, "What is wrong with me?" My answer to that question is, "Nothing. Bad things happened to you and you survived. You are amazing!" 

I now understand that my therapist already knew this because I was one of the brave ones who made an appointment and walked in the door. Now, she would begin to working to help me to embrace this fact myself. That was no small accomplishment after thinking something was horribly wrong with me since I was three years old.

Shame tells you a lie about yourself. It says you are unworthy of love, weak, and defective. In other words, shame tells you the exact opposite of the truth. You are worthy of love, you are stronger than you can even imagine, and you are perfect just as you are. You simply need to heal--though that will not be simple. Yet, it is absolutely possible. If you read BRAVE, you will know that I have been where you are.


Men are survivors too! There is no man braver than the one who chooses to heal from childhood sexual abuse.  See . . .

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