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Survival, Resilience, Faith & Hope after Childhood Trauma


In this third book in the BRAVE series, Janyne shares the story of how she lived her adult life with - and above - the effects of trauma.

Janyne's dissociative coping mechanisms, that she created and used as a child, allowed her to survive as an adult - in both functional and maladaptive ways. To others she seemed to be thriving as she and her husband raised a family and served in the church, while Janyne accomplished a forty-year career in education. Her resilience and faith gave her hope and held her until therapeutic healing became possible.

Readers of Janyne's two previous books in the series will recognize her whimsical weaving of informative narration, creative storytelling, and raw vulnerability. She takes the reader through her years in California, Missouri, Colorado, finally reaching the 'Emerald City' of Seattle. During the journey she comes to understand more about the abundant life and the many ways it was stolen from her by childhood trauma.

A BRAVE Life offers hope and insight to all who have persevered and silently suffered without knowing why. It is also a handbook to help the church better understand how to minister to those who, as children, were victims of the unspeakable.

What BRAVE Life Readers Say . . . .

See Cladach Publishing for endorsements from clinicians, ministry leaders, & authors . . . 

"The long awaited third book in the Brave series does not disappoint. Janyne McConnaughey uses the creative interweaving of popular characters from classic children's literature to move the stories along and provide interesting transitions. Stick with this and it will become obvious how well it works. This book explores how trauma can affect survivors within the framework of the church and hopes to educate church leaders how to recognize and help trauma survivors within their midst . . ."  ( Amazon Reviewer)

"As I read 'A Brave Life' I was able to see myself in little bits on every page. Everything I have dealt with as a survivor of childhood trauma, this book felt like a warm hug of validation, confirming thoughts and feelings that I tried to keep hidden for so long. This book is well written, combining lighthearted story-telling with valuable insight from someone who truly has been there." (Pamela F., Amazon Reviewer)

." . .  If you have suffered early life trauma and are seeking to learn more about what happened to you, how it affected you, and how to heal from it, read this book. It is life-changing. Thank you Janyne for using your voice to speak for all of us still struggling to find our own." (Shellie L., Amazon Reviewer)

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