What is a Trauma-Informed Church?

Much of my advocacy work takes place in church-related settings. Understanding trauma provides a compassionate lens for human behavior (to see others as Jesus does). We were created to survive but trauma hijacks many of the very normal human coping strategies.

"No one ever told me it wasn't a spiritual problem." 

-A BRAVE Life Reader, South Africa

Where Do Churches Begin?


Being a trauma-informed church requires us to think about behavior differently. Often "sins" are manifestations of trauma and shame and once healed, the abundant life becomes possible. It isn't that we don't hold people accountable, we simply do this by being more like Jesus who never shamed anyone no matter how badly they failed. 


This information from my presentations is a great place to begin!


How to Be a Healing Church

Understanding the effects of childhood trauma is essential in ministering to both churches and communities. In this webinar I defined the various forms of trauma and provided ways to minister to survivors.  Emphasis was placed on de-stigmatizing mental health and promoting spiritual growth through trauma-informed healing.