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What is Trauma-Informed Ministry?

Much of my advocacy work takes place in faith-based settings. A BRAVE Life is the backstory of my faith journey that led to Trauma in the Pews.  My growing understanding of trauma provided a compassionate lens for human behavior (to see others as Jesus does). Trauma-informed, sensitive, and responsive leaders always place relationships first.

"No one ever told me it wasn't a spiritual problem." 

-A BRAVE Life Reader, South Africa

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Trauma-Informed Resources


This is not an exhaustive list. These are my friends with whom who I have been honored to share this journey. Each one of these leaders is part of a growing networks that is helping ministry leaders to integrate faith and trauma-informed practices. 

Trauma-Informed Ministry Resources

Becky Haas, author, speaker, trainer

Embodied Faith Podcast on Relational Neuroscience, Spiritual Formation, and Faith

Geoff Holsclaw

Hope Made Strong (Canada)

Laura Howe, Founder 

Pathway to Hope (Kansas City)

4 Rs to Trauma Informed Ministries

Paul Ward

The Faithful City, Arizona Trauma-Informed Faith Community (AZTIFC)

Sanghoon Yoo, MSW, MDiv, Founder

Trauma and the Church Course, The Movement for Moral Care

Michael Hanegan

Janyne as a Guest on Trauma-Informed Webinars and Podcasts


How to Be a Healing Church

Understanding the effects of childhood trauma is essential in ministering to both churches and communities. In this webinar I defined the various forms of trauma and provided ways to minister to survivors.  Emphasis was placed on de-stigmatizing mental health and promoting spiritual growth through trauma-informed healing.

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