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A Trauma-Informed Guide


Understanding trauma results in a paradigm shift that is often expressed as "Once you see trauma, you can't un-see it." The effects of trauma permeate our society and world. They are often misjudged by those who have not yet taken the "deep dive" into becoming trauma informed.


Trauma-informed humans see the world differently. It makes a difference. Trauma-informed information is on every page of this website, but this guide is a good way to begin becoming trauma informed.


To understand Trauma . . .

Read these books!

The Body Keeps the Score

by Bessel E. van der Kolk

What Happened to You? 

by Dr. Bruce Perry &

Oprah Winfrey


To Understand Vulnerability & Shame . . . 

Listen to Brene' Brown's 

Ted Talks (Both)


To Understand ACEs 

Review the information at the ACES Too High Website and complete ACE & PCE Surveys.


To Understand the effects of trauma on health and the impact on society read The Deepest Well . . .


To understand the role of Attachment in Trauma . . . 

Read my first two books!


To Understand the impact of trauma on faith...

Read my second two books!

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ACES Too High

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