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BRAVE Conversations: 

Coming in 2024

Thank you for your interest in BRAVE Conversations! It has been necessary to make a pivot and launch next year instead. What would have been great this year, will be fantastic next year! Sorry for any inconvenience!

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The BRAVE Conversations Celebration!

It has been ten years since I began healing from the impact of childhood trauma. These have been ten of the most difficult AND amazing years of my life. The Celebration will be a time of connecting, reconnecting, celebrating, and laughter—always laughter.

What You Will Receive by Joining BRAVE Conversations:

  • Participation in the weekly Celebration via Zoom.  This will be a gathering of friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, former students, fellow authors, and anyone else I can gather! I am excited to introduce you to one another! (There will be door prizes!)

  • Then stay for BRAVE Conversations from 5:30-6:30. Each week will focus on the topic of healing based on the BRAVE series and Trauma in the Pews. It will be a safe space of sharing and better understanding how to support one another (not recorded).

  • You will also have access to the following resources as part of the Brave Conversations course material on the platform:

    • A series of short video conversations about the process of healing with many who have either supported me while healing or worked alongside of me in the trauma-informed movement.

    • Sneak previews of Book 5: Trauma in the Pews 2.0: Healing as a Spiritual Practice (Also coming in 2024).

  • If unable to attend the live meetings you will have access to the Celebration videos for an additional month.

Note: You can support my work by adding to the suggested amount. Almost all of my work receives no monetary compensation. Your support will help with the cost of this ad-free website, the Zoom account used for the meetings, and the the very necessary help of my virtual assistant! You can join me in bringing hope to those who have been  impacted by childhood trauma. Thank you for considering this!



I do not want anyone who would like to attend the Celebration and BRAVE Conversations to be left out. I am always glad to pay forward all the blessings I have received. Please email me with your request:


Suggested:  $50.00

Minimum:    $25.00

After you pay, you will receive a receipt with the link to access BRAVE Conversations. When you click on the link

it will say FREE because you already paid!

You will also be given access to Intersections.Community

where BRAVE Conversations is hosted.

If there is a problem email me!


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