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Behavior through the Lens of
Attachment, Trauma, and Dissociation


Description: In this session, author and educator, Janyne McConnaughey, Ph.D. will unravel the layers of healing required to process her experiences of early childhood trauma and attachment wounding. The behavioral implications of trauma and attachment will be explored through the lens of her personal story and professional expertise as a teacher educator. Specific topics will include dissociative behaviors, lying, uneven growth in learning, perceived manipulation, neediness/dependency, dysregulation, memory challenges, and challenging interpersonal relationships. Applicable to parents and teachers. Participation and discussion using case-study scenarios will be included.

See Slides from Workshop and Handout

See Video clip from Workshop

And this is the infamous missing slide that caused me answer the question about specific

strategies for helping children with this totally ineffective statement: "It is in the book." Oops.

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