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Trauma-Informed Christian Schools

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Perspectives is a full-day inservice for teachers designed to change perspectives based on the View of the Child. How we view the child (innocence to non-innocence) applies to how we view ourselves and others (and has everything to do with being trauma informed). 


Our view of the child affects classroom management, leadership styles, and mentoring relationships. Rethinking our deeply held perceptions of the child provides a new lens for these interactions. Everyone leaves with a different perspective on something that affects his or her life every day--guaranteed!

My extensive experience with Christian schools (teaching, administration, teacher training, as a parent, etc.) allows me to address topics in ways that make sense to those who desire to focus on the spiritual development of children and youth. 


(The session, Perspectives on Behavior applies to all ages, but can also be adapted as a two-hour inservice specifically for preschool staff and teachers--fulfilling the licensing requirements for training in social and emotional development).  

Please contact me at for a full description and additional information. 

(Note: I have standard rates for speaking but will help Christian schools find creative solutions!)

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