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Therapy for Children

Adapted from Jeannie's BRAVE Childhood

My introduction to the world of child therapy occurred when I tagged along to the ATTAch conference with a group of therapists.  While sitting in the sessions listening to professionals describe their work with children who have suffered attachment wounding and trauma, I was sure Wonderland had materialized.

If I, as a child, could have accessed the professional expertise of these therapists, BRAVE would be a completely different book. I would not have waited until past the age of sixty to advocate for traumatized children!

The therapy modalities used by child/play therapists hold immense power because they enable the child to process through the natural avenue of play—and often allow them to be able to experience play again. It is easy to misjudge the depth of work taking place through what only appears to be child’s play!

Trauma-Informed Books & Articles

Where Children Come to Heal

Find a Play Therapist

Attachment & Trauma Network Resource Directory


The offices of therapists, Heather Thompson, MS, LPC, RPT  and Laura Harper, MS, LPC, RPT  (Colorado Springs, CO) are wonderland to my child self Jeannie who would have loved to come and receive healing therapy in these amazing rooms! Thank you for all you both do to help children heal. 

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