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  • Janyne McConnaughey, PhD


Because Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

Waking up in a 4Generation House

I have never been a morning person—God understands. For years I felt guilty about not having a devotional time in the morning, but one day when I was sincerely trying and fell asleep; I heard God laugh.

So, as I mellow (my word for aging gracefully), waking up in our 4Generation house with six people—young to very old, a cat, and crazy dog, can be overwhelming! Someone posted that getting out of the house was an “Olympic event.” Exactly. All six of us agreed. The key? Focus. Your brain needs a minute to wake up and figure out why you are living the life you are living. Scott and I started getting up even earlier to drink coffee, plan our day, and consider all those things for which we are thankful. And God smiled.

It really is a devotional time isn’t it? The difference? Living by law and expectations brings failure. Living in a relationship, being thankful, and asking God to help me face the chaos brings joy and peace—most of the time. For the other times, there is laughter.

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