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  • Janyne McConnaughey, PhD

4Generation House Chaos

Meet Jarachi. He is the youngest member of the 4Generation House and definitely the wildest. Then comes Aria who will turn 5 tomorrow! We are celebrating her birthday and making plans to divide the house in half and move to two new locations. We will have so many memories . . . my Dad missed this one . . .

Sometimes the chaos just comes out of nowhere. Things are moving along when some type of space anomaly occurs and the house goes completely out of control. This happened the night I stepped on Scott’s foot. Honestly, I was just trying to give him a kiss. His feet are just very big and I stepped on one of them—grinding into it as I tried to regain my balance.

Just then we heard Sabien wailing downstairs closely followed by a wail from Aria. Thinking his sister had hit him again, we all moved in that direction only to find him on the floor in the bathroom,“I fell down and my knee hurts!” Dog barking

“Aria, why are you crying?” Dog barking

“Sabien fell down.” “Sob” Dog barking

“Ok, Sabien you are fine, Aria, Sabien is fine.” Dog barking

We returned upstairs and Melinda was dumping a load of clothes on the laundry room floor when Sabien limped up the stairs. “But look, my knee is bleeding.”

“Oh my goodness, it certainly is!”“Come sit here and we will get band aids.” However, the dog was jumping on him—“Someone put the dog in the laundry room!” Oh, we could not put him there because there were clothes on the floor (he has a habit of dragging them to the back yard). “Put him outside!”

Ahhhhh, there was a very short moment of calmness. Sabien was bandaged, clothes were in the machine, and the dog was back in the house. Scott pulled the trash out to take to the garage and headed through the laundry room. CRASH

“What on earth?” I yelled and Scott answered, “I tripped over the dog bone and fell into the machine. GROAN.”

And the doorbells rang. DOG FRENZY!!! Aria began to cry once again.

I found the record of this is the text message I sent to my friend while curled up in a fetal position in a quiet corner. I just cannot make this stuff up. So many memories!

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