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  • Janyne McConnaughey, PhD

Crawling to the Other Side

I wish that I had gotten better at blogging before last week happened to me. I would have had so much material to blog about if it had just been part of my life. I wasn't quite there yet. So, I moved and in my head, I was writing blog posts, thinking in hash tags, and occasionally throwing something on Facebook, but the week would have created a following if I only could have managed to stop long enough to actually post.

I think this is all less effective in review. Kind of like when you miss class and someone who was there explains it to you. It just isn't the same, but it is all I can do. That is because I got sick. It was the dust. My dad preached a sermon about the dust during the dustbowl. He talked about how it seeped in at every corner, under every door, in every windowsill. That describes the dust in Falcon, Colorado--and it did me in. What began as an allergy quickly morphed into bronchitis and asthma. The more we packed, the more dust we unearthed. The more dust I inhaled, the "sicker" I got. Urgent Care . . . inhalers . . . steroids . . . codeine cough syrup . . . and I managed to walk through graduation weekend, pack a house, and move.

The week actually went well. We had wonderful family and friend moments. We got hurt, were exhausted, lived in chaos, and fought sickness, but in the grand scheme of things, it could have been so much worse. I have friends who are living through much worse things. It is all perspective isn't it? Yet, even when it could be so much worse, it is not easy. Some weeks are just like that. I think I should have some great spiritual lesson in this. Nope. It is nothing but survival. Sometimes we just survive. That is what I did last week. I survived.

Now I am wondering why I moved some of these things. I have even filled a couple boxes to take back to the other house for the garage sale. My goal this year is to sort through it all and only move things that are absolutely essential or important next time. Is that possible? Ask me in twelve months. I will have an answer and hopefully much less “stuff” by that point. My goal is simple abundance. My hope is that the less I have, the more abundantly I can live. We shall see.

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