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No Good Deed Goes Unpublished

Stack of Newspapers

What? Yes, you read that title correctly. No Deed Goes Unpublished. Sometimes I say the most random things.

Melinda and I were leaving Yoga and it really relaxes me. (I was taught that Yoga was some mystic new age thing that should be avoided; but I certainly had no idea how to relax, so I gave it a try. I know no more uptight people than Christians. Shouldn’t it be just the opposite? Yoga relaxes me. You should try it. )

Anyway, that took me off topic a bit. The real quote is, “No good deed goes unpunished.” I don’t know the origin of this, though I did hear it on Star Trek. I have lived it a million times in my life. But again, I diverge. What I said was, “No good deed goes unpublished.” What? I have this tendency to transpose words. It can get really awkward.

While teaching a full class of traditional-age students (all girls) I tried to say, “They accepted this lock, stock, and barrel.” Instead I said, “They accepted this bock, lock and sterile.” Yes the word sterile just hung there in the air while about twenty-five sets of widely opened eyes stared at it— and I dismissed class.

One day I had to go home because the repairmen were coming to fix the hot water heater. I stopped by my MALE colleague’s office and said, “I am headed home for the day because my hottyweeter is broken.” Awkward pause goes right here.

So usually when I say something totally unpredictable, it makes no sense, but this time . . . “No good deed goes unpublished.” What a great idea! Melinda said, “That should be for Facebook!” Again, what a great idea!

What if we published all the good deeds people did for us? These past couple months have been quite difficult but some of my friends have done some wonderful good deeds to help me. I hesitate to list them because I will surely miss something, but if you did a good deed for me, please remind me and I will publish it.

  • Friends brought us dinner the night before we moved.

  • A friend came and organized my linen closet!

  • My daughter put my Ikea and Sauder furniture together.

  • My brother and sister-in-law invited my Dad for a visit so Scott and I could take a vacation and celebrate our 35th anniversary.

  • Relatives and friends opened their homes for us to stay while we enjoyed the ocean.

  • While in California friends from Canada took us for dinner at the Ritz Carlton at Dana Point.

I know that isn’t all the good deeds that have come my way, but it is a start. Maybe we need to publish our gratitude more often on Facebook! Sometimes there is too much posted about what we are against. Let’s be for something! Right now I am for good deeds! Do a good deed for someone and be grateful when someone does a good deed for you! Let’s publish them!

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