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  • Janyne McConnaughey, PhD

Poetry: Words

Sometimes I like to surprise my readers by a side of me most haven't seen. Poetry would fall into that category. I wrote quite a few poems during my journey to healing. Some were originally in BRAVE but happened to be in sections I removed for a future book. I am gathering them from the buried files in my computer and thought I would share this one. I truly do love words--especially now. (Note: The "she" is Dr. Sue who brought me the gift of healing. I am forever grateful.)


I talked.

I said important things.

I said funny things.

I said caring things,

But I never spoke words.


The most important words.

Words about pain.

Words about betrayal.

Words that named my terror.

Caged and unspoken words.

Then my mouth opened.

The words exploded.

In bolded fonts

With sharp angular edges

They shredded as they left.

Words that wept.

Endless tales of misery.

The terror of trust unfounded.

The cries for help

The words none heard.

Finally heard.

She sat and held them.

She softened their angular edges,

And gave me empowering words

To heal my shredded places

I no longer talked

In words that didn’t matter.

The angular fonts transformed

To softer edged italics

And sentences of healing.


Gathered as they fell

Held for me in endless procession

Given a place of trusted care

Until I learned to speak.

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