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  • Janyne McConnaughey, PhD

What Was I Thinking?

See me there relaxing in that chair? That is the antithesis of my life right now. I can pretty much count on the fact that all planets will align regularly to move my life into crazy. So, when I decided to make the move to launch my website and blog, I should have stopped and asked myself, "What are you thinking!?" I did not.

Yet, what is a blog about? It is about our thoughts as we navigate this thing called life, right? So, I have all the material I need right now to write a great post. I just need to pretend I am relaxing in that chair to do so.

It is the end of a school year. Graduation pictures are exploding Facebook. Announcements are arriving in the mail. Celebration is everywhere. All those dreamers are reaching their goals! In the midst of all the end of year activities what am I doing? Moving. Yes, as ridiculous as that sounds, I am moving.

This is my seventh move since arriving in Colorado Springs eleven years ago. Count them. Seven. I can't even explain it. Three of those were while working on my doctorate. This present move has been precipitated by the need to move my dad closer to campus and Melinda getting her own place. We have loved our 4Generation adventure, but we are all looking forward to finding new ways to experience family time. I am a bit nostalgic about this. My two amazing grandchildren don't remember not living with Mema and Poppy. They are a bit concerned, but we are making plans to show them what it is like to visit grandparents.

This is the time of year for change. Friends are moving. We are moving. Family members are moving. New journeys. New experiences. New opportunities. It is all good but I wrote this a week ago and am just now finding a moment to get it posted.

The lesson? Think before you leap? Well maybe, but if we think too much before leaping the leaps may never happen. When we pursue dreams they are often inconvenient, ill-timed, and difficult to achieve. If dreams were easy they probably wouldn't qualify as dreams would they?

Blogs are about life and this one is gasping to breathe in the middle of boxes, kindergarten graduations, band concerts, graduation activities, birthdays, banquets, dinners, retirement parties, and the list goes on. It really is a wonderful life and soon I will be relaxing in a chair and thanking about all the memories I have collected.

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